Learning 2 LIVE 4 Christ


We want to encourage girls and young women all over the world to  express themselves through journaling, as they are transitioning 2 Live 4 Christ. Let your emotions out as you get up close and personal with GOD.




Encouraging girls and young women to express their emotions through journaling, as they are transitioning and Learning 2 Live 4 Christ.


Our driving force is to mentor and encourage young women to express their emotions through writing about real day-to-day challenges and their transition to follow GOD's path to live life full of his Glory. Missions across the globe is our destination to educate women about journaling and sharing their most intimate moments with GOD.




“Lets Take This  Journey together ''


Felicia g.    Co-Founder



With a strong background in writing and a passion for expression, Co-Founder Felicia Gilbert, wanted to share her love for writing to the world. 2015 she was rebaptized and surrendered her life to GOD. It was then that she felt the strong desire to want to education young women on the importance of expression and writing, through journaling. The Holy Spirit lead her to form now, Learning 2 Live 4 Christ to encourage those girls and young women who are in transition, to becoming closer to GOD by allowing them the freedom of expression. As L2L4C continues their transition, they want women across the globe to understand how sharing your intimate moments with GOD, can free your spirit. ''lets take this journey together''


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