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The Mayan in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

The Mayan in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

The Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Shalana Dodson | 

            L2L4C Founder Felicia recently visited Tizimín in the Yucatán Peninsula for our first mission to spread the Word. The Yucatán Peninsula is a part of southeast Mexico bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south. The land is flat but full of jungles which house an array of flora and fauna, as well as wildlife such as the jaguar. Interestingly, the Peninsula also has North America’s largest population of pink flamingos!    

The Mayan in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

            Home of the Maya and their historical pyramids, vacation spots such as Cancun and Cozumel, the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico contains a colorful history which shaped a beautiful community of people. When many people think of the Maya they may remember learning about the pyramids, conquests of the land, and the disappearance of a whole group of people. However, the Maya certainly did not disappear!

            The Maya are North America’s largest indigenous population, and I’m talking about the present day! So, what is it about the Maya other than those pyramids?

            Today, many Maya people still participate in agricultural trades planting papaya and citrus fruits. They also create baskets, embroidered clothes, woodcrafts, ceramics, and more in connection with their heritage. Particularly, their heritage placed great importance in elements of nature such fire, rain, and the sky. Also, family and community are an essential part to Maya culture and customs. For Felicia, experiencing the culture was exhilarating, but more than anything it was rewarding to meet such wonderful families who welcomed her into their lives with open arms even though the customs and language was a barrier. It just goes to show that God creates paths which rises above worldly barriers so that we may build bridges into each other’s lives. 

            Felicia experienced this beautiful culture first-hand as she ate with the Maya, danced, did arts and crafts, and delivered donated journals to young girls to write about their experiences as they Learn 2 Live 4 Christ

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