Freedom Friday- Giving Back – Alma Ortega 

Shalana Dodson | 21 April 2018

            It was our first mission, our first experience out in the field working for GOD, and our first success on this journey we’ve embarked on in 2018. We started The Journal Project and received the support of so many people, both old friends and new, for what we wish to do for our Lord and Savior. 

            With everything we received, we wished to give back to those that carried us through at our beginning. When Felicia and I met to officially bring all the wonderful journals together to be packed for a journey across borders it was decided that we would place everyone’s name into a drawing for a small token of our gratitude—our way of trying to go beyond saying thank you to those who donated journals to be sent to Mexico. 

            We placed everyone’s name in a paper bag—mixed, mixed, mixed them up, then Felicia stuck a blind hand in to choose a name. Our winner was Alma Ortega!

Ms. Ortega heard about our mission from my mother, her colleague, and was ecstatic to donate a few journals for the cause. Felicia bought a Starbucks gift card and gave it to me to surprise Ms. Ortega with our thanks for her support.It was supposed to be a rainy day, but the Sun kept on shining through as I walked into Ms. Ortega’s office to meet her at work around lunch time. We talked about our mission at L2L4C to have journals be the go-to in helping young women transition their life and grow to live for the LORD, as well as a little bit about what kind of coffee she might treat herself with the gift card! I hope she enjoys and forever thankful for her support!

Thank you, Ms. Ortega for all that you’ve done for us!



      Shalana Dodson and Mrs Alma Ortega

      Shalana Dodson and Mrs Alma Ortega