Motivational Monday-Why L2L4C ??


a. Why are you building this? What’s the motivation/What are the benefits?

i. Positive Benefits (Pleasure)

ii. Negative repercussions (Pain)

Questions: Courtesy of Stan

I have a strong passion for writing and I know how important it is for individuals to being able to express themselves and what better why to do it than journaling while sharing your most intimate time and moments with GOD. 

To know that I'm pursuing GOD'S purpose for my life is the motivation and the driven factor for L2L4C.


Bringing girls and young women closer to GOD Globally.

Making girls and young women stronger writers.

Allowing girls and young women the freedom of expression. It's so important to not hold things internally and be free


Going down the wrong path and not fulfilling GODs vision for my life. 

Procrastinating and doing what I want to do (living in the flesh) will cause delays in my Mission in life.

Not being able to help those that GOD has in my path to mentor. 

Fe’s Response